Fundraiser Sweepstakes Prize List

*Online sweepstakes sales are now closed. Purchase entries in person at the event tonight until the draw at 9 PM*

As a part of the Fundraiser, we will be holding a sweepstakes, with prizes from artists, friends, and local businesses including: Paradise Grapevine, F. Miller, Justin Yong, VSP Consignment, C Magazine, Dana Slijboom, Laura Dawe, Burdock Brewery, Seth Fluker, Goodspace Yoga … and many, many more!

$5 Donation for 1 Sweepstakes Entry
$20 Donation for 5 Sweepstakes Entries
$50 Donation for 15 Sweepstakes Entries

Entries to the sweepstakes can be made by donation via our website using the links above, or in-person during the party. Winners will be announced live on November 22nd at the New Moon Fundraiser.

Full product line from F. Miller Skincare 
Art Met Recent Book Pack: A Treaty Guide for Torontonians, 1-130 by Nour Bishouty, For Zitkála-Šá by Raven Chacon⁠
Art Met “from the Vault” Book Pack: HOTEL by Arnaud Maggs, The Outline of History by Daniel Olsen, Video by Artists 2⁠
$500 Gift Card from VSP Consignment
Jill Henderson, “Useless Money (lilacs and lime),” 1995, Set of three, 16 x 12 inches each, Oil on wood
Vase by Satoshi Yoshikawa from MIKA Pottery
$200 Gift Card to Superframe
6 Class Pass from Good Space Yoga
Art Met Recent Poster Pack: Behind Your Stumbling by Kota Ezawa & Dodie Bellamy, Slavery, Geography and Empire… by David Hartt, Artists Who Do Book Tables by Kathy Slade⁠